Sake bottle,Negoro style
Jihei Murase
Line carved tea caddy, Negoro style
C14773 [SOLD]
Jihei Murase
Tea caddy, Negoro style
Jihei Murase
Vermillion lacquer tea caddy, Negoro style
C14775 [SOLD]
Jihei Murase
Sake bottle, Negoro style
Jihei Murase
Hatchet shaved silver lacquer water jar
C15485 [SOLD]
Jihei Murase
Ridged tea caddy, Negoro style
C15620 [SOLD]
Jihei Murase
Silver and black tea caddy
Jihei Murase
Lignitized Ancient Zelkova vase
C14777 [SOLD]
Jihei Murase
Standing tray, Negoro style
Jihei Murase
Line carved incense container, Negoro style
C15624 [SOLD]
Jihei Murase
Jihei Murase
A third-generation woodworker and lacquer craftsman, he performs every stage of the production himself, from turning the wooden bases to applying the natural urushi lacquer. He inherited his grandfather's close association with the tea ceremony and carries out research into tea-ceremony utensils. Using his skill on the lathe he creates superb forms he demonstrates his outstanding lacquering technique in the finish. He produces unique Negoro-style works that are ideally suited to the twenty-first century.

1957 Born in Tokyo as the grandson of the first generation Jihei who was a craftsman working with the wooden base and lacquer coating under the direction and patronage of Kitaoji Rosanjin.
1975 Graduates from Tokyo Metropolitan High School of Music & the Fine Arts.
1980 Graduates from the Sculpture Department of Tokyo Zokei University.
In the same year, joined the long-standing family lacquerware wooden base and coating business.
Receives instruction in the Way of Tea from Suzuki Sokan of Hibi-an, a Master of the Urasenke School of Tea.
2001 Inherits the name, Jihei III, and the position of 7th generation lacquerware base maker.

Thereafter, exhibits his work widely.

Public collections:

Philadelphia Museum of Art / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Yale University Art Gallery (Asian art collection)/ New Haven, Connecticut, USA